IU Newspaper Bag
A Reduce Plastics Project
IU Newspaper Bag Project
A symbol of simplicity
It is not hidden from us anymore that the regular use of plastic bags is causing immense harm to our environment. IU Newspaper Bag is a reduce plastics campaign. An initiative to convert the Newspapers into bags & provide them to different shopping outlets in the vicinity to encourage them to reduce use of plastic bags.
The sagacious planning and calculation of all the impacts this project can have is something that gives a unique touch to this project of being able to serve multiple purposes, and still be extremely simple in it's execution.
Founder's words on the November 20th Project

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1. Saving Trees: As it makes use of already printed Newspaper, it avoids making of fresh paper, and avoids cutting of trees. "A tree not cut, is a tree planted". In a world like today, where usage of all resources is so high, avoiding wastage is in itself creating resource.
2. It's another name and direct support to IU Eco-division which wants to mitigate the use of Plastics. It's a second name for the campaign of IU "Reduce Plastics Campaign!"
3. Engaging a large human resource into a simple constructive activity, that impacts society positively, and hence brings in the brotherhood attitudes amongst people. We are sure it would end up inspiring scores of others to think on these lines.
4. Encouraging and setting a new trend of using paper bags and hence serving as an inspiration for people to create taste from waste, on a large scale. A movement which involves the best blood of the world endorsing the idea, executing & promoting it.
5. A greener and a better world for all.
Even ONE Newspaper Bag can replace ONE PLastic Bag and it counts!
The only expectation we have from you is to directly involve first hand into this initiative of ours.
IU Newspaper Bag Project
A symbol of simplicity, an idea of multiplicity
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How to make a Newspaper Bag?
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Kids at one of the International schools in Bangalore making Newspaper Bags