IU Newspaper Bag
A Reduce Plastics Project
Newspaper Bag Project on November 20th
We started this campaign with a hope that we will make a 100,000 bags. We were not sure of how many we would achieve. But when we started, a lot of lovely people like you joined hands. A number of cities in India - Meghalaya, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mangalore, Orissa and Kenya in Africa and many cities in other parts of the world supported us on this project. We are really excited about what has happened. A moment to jump out of joy that we made an International Children's Day happen with such phenomenal bags.

Some people had a question "Are these bags eco-friendly?".
Our answer to this, "Yes. These bags are eco-friendly. They reduce the impact that plastics are having on the environment. They may not be fully biodegradable but they definitely are eco-friendly. Just like how eco-friendly bubls save energy, these reduce plastics."

We would love to extend our gratitude to everyone who participated and we promise you all, this does not stop here! It starts from here!

Join hands with us. Make one newspaper bag today and reduce one plastic bag. You can follow instructions on the right.
Watch how to Make a Newspaper Bag